Barry and Penny Compton, founders of Open Door Ministries care for the children of Honduras
Barry and Penny Compton

Barry and Penny Compton, founders of Open Door Ministries, have been married since 1980 and they have four children: Lauren, Branden, Camry, and Brentyn.

After just 17 months, their son Branden was diagnosed with a rare genetic disease that was progressive and had no cure. At the age of 8, Branden’s life ended on earth. It was during those difficult years of sickness and sorrow that Barry and Penny got passionate with God. Faithful as God is, He rekindled the fascination for missions they both recalled having as children. In faith, the Compton’s began serving on many short-term missionary teams. God kept speaking to them about the children in these remote areas. Through Open Door Ministries, a non-profit (501(c) 3) missions program, Barry and Penny have become determined to see the cycle of godlessness, lack of education, and extreme need for the basic necessities broken. They believe that you can help break the cycle by reaching out to the children! Penny and Barry believe people want to know where their financial investment goes and what it’s being used for. They believe, as many people do, that donations should go towards the good of the children, not corporate largeness. At Open Door Ministries, none of the founders nor board members receive a salary! All of the funds are focused on the ministry and needs in the foreign field. Please feel free to contact us through our contact us page, or by calling us directly at 321-624-1986 or 321-624-1990. Open Door Ministries can provide you with information on how to bring your business or church group on a short term mission trip to visit our facilities. Our campus consists of an orphanage, two public feeding stations and an abused girls home. Please watch the following videos that describe our mission in Honduras.


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